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Chairman of the Board
Patent Attorney
Doctor of Judicial Science

Zhang Liyan graduated from Harbin University of Science and Technology, majoring in precise mechanics. Then she did research on agrochemical analytical instrument, and worked on management of research projects. She obtained her master degree in fine instruments and mechanical engineering in the Graduate School of Kobe University with. Then she joined a renowned Japanese Corporation of electronic product manufacturer, and worked on R&D of opto-electronic sensors in central research institute. She obtained the Doctor of Judicial Science in Kobe University.

In 1996, Zhang Liyan joined China Science Patent & Trademark Agent Ltd. In 2000, she was qualified as a patent attorney in China. She is now the Chairman of the Board & President of China Science.

Zhang Liyan has more than 20 articles published on Japanese IP Journals including AIPPI, Patent and Japanese IP Prism. With the titles of University visiting professor and Councilor on patent litigations at Japanese Invention Promoting Association, she has been actively giving lectures in forums and seminars held by various Japanese IP organizations including Attorney Association, Japanese IP Association, and Japanese Invention Promoting Association.

2004 to 2012, she was part-time professor of Kanazawa Institute of Technology.
2008 to 2012, she was part-time professor of Kibi International University.