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Patent Attorney
Attorney at Law
Licensed Pharmacist

Mr. Wang obtained his bachelor and master degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. Before joining CSPTAL in 2000, he had worked as a researcher on pharmaceuticals in Chinese Academy of Military Medical Science for several years. He became a patent attorney in 2000 and then was admitted as an attorney at law in 2005. He also received the professional training at a US law firm in 2002.

Mr. Wang’s technical specialty focuses on pharmaceuticals and biochemistry. His IP practice in patent prosecution covers a variety of areas such as pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, Chinese traditional medicine, medical appliance and materials. Mr. Wang has drafted and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications. He also has provided valuable IP-related services in patent application/inquiry/search, patent re-examination and invalidation, patent infringement analysis, patent administrative proceedings, patent tort proceedings, licensing and assignment of patents and know-how, and other related matters related to intellectual property rights. Mr. Wang’s working languages are Chinese and English.

Selected Publications
WANG Xu, Comments on Novelty of Swiss-type use claims in the view of Cases of EPO Boards, China Patent Agency, 2004