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Mr. Jiquan Sun was invited by the CIPTC to deliver lectures in the third training course on patent writing skills improvement
2019-9-25 15:46:53

Quality of patent agency service is the lifeline of the development of the agency industry. Improving quality of agency service is crucial for promoting patent quality. A high-quality patent application document can greatly save time of patent examination, directly affect the authorization of patent, and fully protect the product or process claimed by the applicant. To write a high-quality application document, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the possible problems in examination, invalidation and even litigation stage on the basis of fully understanding the prior art and the technical solution of the present invention in the writing process. Consequently, improving the quality of patent writing is the basis of subsequent protection for patent. 

To this end, China Intellectual Property Training Center held the third training course on patent writing skills improvement in Chengdu from September 18 to 20, 2019. Experts from China National Intellectual Property Administration and famous patent agencies were invited to deliver lectures on “How to produce high-quality patents” in terms of writing, examination, invalidation, etc. The course has attracted nearly a hundred of people, including leaders of science and technology enterprises and institutions, managers of intellectual property departments and R&D departments, managers of intellectual property innovation projects, professionals of patent agencies, and staffs engaging in intellectual property teaching and research in colleges, universities and research institutes.

Jiquan Sun, Partner of China Science Patent & Trademark Agent and Manager of Mechanical Practice Group, was invited to lecture on the training course. With the title of “Writing Skills of PCT International Patent Application”, Mr. Sun provided insights and professional suggestions from the perspectives of relevant laws and regulations of different countries, PCT procedures, PCT patent application strategies and PCT application preparation.

Mr. Sun, elected as one of the experts in Expert Consultant Committee of IP case research (Beijing) base of the Supreme People’s Court in 2016, provides legal services regarding patent search, opinions on patentability, re-examination and invalidation, infringement analysis and other matters related to intellectual property. With rich experience of teaching and training, he often provides training for clients, patent agents and examiners on intellectual property and has been invited to the Intellectual Property Training Center for lectures many times.

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