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Yongye LI
Yongye LI
Patent attorney

Mrs. Li specializes in electronical and Mechanical technology for patent protection. She is skilled in new material field, semiconductor device, electronic field, image and signal processing, LED, AI(Artificial Intelligence), automation, communications technology etc. Her work involves in doing bibliography searching, writing patent application documents, answering OA, and putting forward for review etc.

Mrs. Li has provided for a lot of institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences, some well-known universities and enterprises with high quality service. She serves customers with a meticulous and serious attitude and was specifically assigned by some customers. Mrs. Li pursues improving her working ability all the time for the better service and maximizing benefit for her customers in patent protection.

Mrs. Li majored in top class of science in first and second year and material physics in third and fourth year at University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) and was recommended for admission to be a postgraduate without exams at USTB. During her graduate period, She focused on Anomalous Hall Effect devices and magneto-electronic sensors in advanced functional film materials and applications team, and received her Master’s degree from USTB in January 2017. Yongye Li joined in CSPTAL after her graduation and was awarded patent agent qualification certificate on 1st January 2019.

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