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Tianyu ZHOU
Tianyu ZHOU
Patent attorney

Mr. Zhou is mainly engaged in the patent agency business of the computer field, involving the technical field of computer software and computer network, covering network security, data structure, operating system and related algorithms and protocols etc. 

During his many years of experience, Mr. Zhou has represented a plurality of patent applications for many well-known enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities domestic and abroad, handled various affairs involving the whole process of patent application, and accumulated rich experience in all the stages of application, review, reexamination, invalidity, litigation etc. He has written many applications for numerous clients and is able to provide good quality application writing services. In addition, he has represented a number of other businesses for domestic applicants, including patent mining, patent search, patent analysis and patent placement.

Mr. Zhou graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. And he used to work as a patent examiner in the China National Intellectual Property Administration. He qualified as a patent attorney in 2013 and joined CSPTAL in 2014. He has participated in the team building of various departments of CSPTAL and serves as the instructor of several agents.

In 2017, Mr. Zhou was transferred to Wuhan Branch of CSPTAL as the person in charge, leading the team to provide patent services for the top universities and scientific research institutions in China.

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