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Zhaohui LYU
Zhaohui LYU
Patent attorney

Ms. Lyu specializes in electronics engineering and optics engineering for patent protection. Ms. Lyu's expertise covers the areas of electronics engineering, computer communication and optical engineering, especially, data compression, encoding and decoding technology, image, audio and video processing technology, semiconductor devices and manufacturing approaches, neural network, and blockchain.

Ms. Lyu begin her career in intellectual property in 2016, and joined CSPTAL in 2016. She was qualified as a patent attorney in 2018.

In the past few years, Ms. Lyu has provided patent services to many well-known enterprises, scientific research institutions and colleges, and has handled various affairs involving patent applications. She has extensive experience in application and review, etc., and is able to provide quality application writing services.

Before joining CSPTAL, Ms. Lyu received her M.S. degree in optics engineering from Beijing University of Technology in 2016.

Ms. Lyu is proficient in Chinese and English.

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