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Mr. Wang specializes in the electrical and electronic engineering aspects of patent protection. Mr. Wang's patent expertise covers electrical and electronic engineering, including computer hardware, computer software related inventions, computer peripheral devices, communication apparatuses and methods, semiconductor devices and manufacturing approaches, image processing and imaging apparatuses, automatic control, mechanical-electrical integration, and household appliances. Mr. Wang has handled a large number of patent applications and inquiries. He also provides legal services regarding patent inquiry and search, drafting, patent review and invalidation, patent administrative proceedings, investigation of patent infringement by administrative authority, licensing and assignment of patents and know-how, and other matters related to intellectual property rights.

Mr. Wang joined China Science Patent & Trademark Agent Ltd.(CSPTAL) in 2002. Mr. Wang obtained a Bachelor in Electronic Engineering from the Changchun Institute of Optics and fine Mechanics in 1997, and a Master in M&E Engineering from the Changchun Institute of Optics and fine Mechanics of CAS in 2002. Mr. Wang was admitted as Patent Attorney in 2004.

Mr. Wang is proficient in Chinese and English.

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