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Our Service Provided Regularly and Consistently while Fighting Against Epidemic
2020-2-12 10:31:39

Special Report on Epidemic Prevention of CSPTAL

Since the outbreak of the epidemic of novel coronavirus infection back to the year of 2019, under the leadership of the management team, all employees of the firm have actively responded to the national call, conscientiously implemented the epidemic prevention work, eliminated all difficulties, and always provide clients with high-quality services.

At the beginning of the epidemic, the firm quickly established an emergency leadership team to make overall arrangements for various plans during the epidemic.

During the creeping of the epidemic, the firm continued to provide employees with various safeguard measures to effectively protect the health of each employee. Every day, the firmcollects health status of each employee and family and those who are in close contact, and takes care of each employee's work and life. The emergency leadership team issued a variety of emergency work plans to ensure continuous service processes and constant service quality. Multiple leaders and employees frequently communicated with many manufacturers and logistics parties, and even personally drove to pick up masks, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention materials to ensure the safety and health of every employee on duty.

In the face of the epidemic, people of CSPTAL isolate the virus but do not isolate responsibility. Under the premise of protecting the health of themselves and their families, all employees carry forward the spirit of ownership, adhere to our service concept of professionalism, dedication, and client first, stick to the post, and concentrate on the work. All employees on duty can strictly abide by prevention and control regulations, efficiently complete the case submission, report and other works, and protect the interests of clients from loss.

Up to now, all employees of the firm have been safe and sound, without any suspected or confirmed cases, and all the businesses of the firm have been running stably without any adverse conditions due to the epidemic. Although the epidemic is still ongoing, we firmly believe that under the leadership of the management team, we can stand the test, protect our home, and live up to the trust of clients.

While fighting against the epidemic,     

we will keep our service unaffected and as high quality as we can.

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