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Ms. Zhang Liyan and Mr. Cheng Jinshan were selected into “Beijing Intellectual Property Service Leading Talents”
2020-12-10 10:25:45

Ms. Zhang Liyan and Mr. Cheng Jinshan from China Science Patent & Trademark Agent Ltd. were selected into the “Beijing Intellectual Property Service Leading Talents Selection List” recently released.

The selection of “Beijing Intellectual Property Service Leading Talents” is to implement the “Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Capital Intellectual Property Service Industry” of The People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, and to implement the “Beijing Action Plan for Promoting the Development of Intellectual Property Service Industry (2018-2020)”, carried out in accordance with the work deployment of the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office, aiming to select leading talents in the field of intellectual property services for intellectual property agency, intellectual property information, intellectual property law, intellectual property commercialization, intellectual property consulting and intellectual property training, etc., so as to play the role of leading radiation and demonstration and promote the high-quality development of the intellectual property service industry. The selection process started in September and lasted for nearly three months. After recommendation, preliminary review and expert review, and no objections to the publicity, a total of 100 people were selected from various intellectual property service organizations in Beijing and announced.

Zhang Liyan

Ms. Zhang Liyan has more than 20 years of experience in intellectual property. As a senior patent attorney and Returnee Doctor of Law, Ms. Zhang Liyan is familiar with the intellectual property system of China and Japan and has conducted in-depth research and discussion on many hot issues, especially with rich experience and unique insights on the layout, management, strategy and operation of intellectual property. She has published more than 20 papers in Japanese intellectual property-related magazines, and has made many speeches in seminars and enterprise seminars held by Japanese intellectual property organizations (Japan Patent Attorneys Association, Japan Intellectual Property Association, invention Promotion Association, etc.), and was well received.

Cheng Jinshan

Mr. Cheng Jinshan has been engaged in intellectual property services since 1997. Over the years, he has devoted himself to studying intellectual property service practices and legal systems, and has published nearly ten academic papers related to intellectual property at home and abroad. He once served as an expert in “National Intellectual Property Strategy Special Research Series Review”, an expert of review quality external feedback for the State Intellectual Property Office and an expert of other relevant government departments and industry associations, also served as deputy director of All-China Patent Attorneys Association Invention Patent Professional Committee, deputy director of Beijing Intellectual Property Agency Association and other industry social positions.


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